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Retargeting of ikman traffic on FB

Retargeting of ikman traffic on FB

ikman's large target specific traffic + FB's immense popularity = Quality leads.

• A pixel from client FB campaign is placed on the banner location page on ikman.lk.
• Site visitors who arrive on banner location page (do not need to click or interact with the banner) will be identified via the pixel.
• When site visitor accesses Facebook the FB campaign will retarget site visitor.
• It is required a minimum of USD 300 is invested on a FB campaign.
• Ikman traffic is retargeted on FB. As such those who do not choose to interact with the banner are also captured and retargeted on FB.
• Banner interaction is not required
• Target specific audience with affinity is exposed to FB campaign.
• This works exceptionally well for target specific lead generation campaigns.
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